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Maintenance of footwear machinery.

A machine that is in operation every day does not have to fail, but it is important to pay attention to its maintenance to check and correct the wear and tear of the footwear and leather goods machinery.

A failure in a machine is normal due to the wear and tear suffered by many parts. In fact, the repair of any type of footwear machinery can be avoided with good maintenance. This can prevent problems from arising, since if the machinery is not controlled and maintained, the wear of a part or the lack of lubrication can be ignored, which can cause a future problem in the footwear and footwear machinery. leather goods.

Repair of footwear machinery

In the event of a failure in any type of shoe or leather goods machine, it is important to diagnose the problem as soon as possible. Knowing why it has failed is essential to start working, since otherwise we are forced to waste time or implement solutions that do not solve the problem.

The first step in repairing footwear machinery is to check that the machine is clean inside, since there are many occasions where, due to poor maintenance of footwear machinery, a part fails due to the accumulation of dust, dirt or glue residue. .

If the problem is not solved after this cleaning, the second step is to inspect the moving parts of the machinery and lubricate them. Lubrication of parts is essential to reduce wear and maintain, and even increase, the performance of machinery.

A very important part of the repair process for footwear and leather goods machinery is to check its electronic parts. It is well known that electronics can fail, and a simple stripped cable can stop production, generating unnecessary costs.

At Sogorbmac we are specialists in both maintenance and repair of footwear machinery, and we even restore old or outdated machinery.

Machinery shipments to any part of the world

At Sogorbmac we send your machinery to any part of the world, taking care of all the necessary procedures and procedures.

Every day the list of countries that have trusted in the quality of SOGORBMAC is getting longer and to which we arrive with our rebuilt machinery at very affordable prices and a total quality guarantee.